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Salami Festival, a 10 meter long maxi sandwich in Cremona

Three days of meetings, tastings and show cooking to discover everyone's most loved sausage

19, Sep 2023

The fifth edition of the Salami Festival was presented this morning and will take place in the center of Cremona from 6 to 8 October. A gastronomic-cultural event in which to learn about and taste the best salamis from all over Italy accompanied by a rich calendar of events, tastings, shows and cultural meetings to learn the secrets of everyone's favorite cured meat.

“Once again the system wins, public bodies communicating with consortia, companies, chambers of commerce, giving life to important events that also help the city to grow – explains Gianluca Galimberti, Mayor of the city of Cremona – All year round every weekend Cremona has a rich calendar of events and for us it is a great satisfaction and a source of pride from the success of these events. The product is certainly a tourist attractor but the experience that the public can have represents the key element that allows us to tell not only the story of the product but also of the City. These are proposals not only for local tourism but also for the citizens themselves, raising awareness of the riches of the territory, which in addition to supporting tourism also support businesses".

“The Salami Festival presents itself as a taste experience that enhances the product, its origins and therefore the territory - explains Barbara Manfredini, Councilor for Tourism, Commerce and Security of the Municipality of Cremona -. Salame Cremona PGI, protagonist of the festival, meets guests, visitors and tourists and meets Cremona, its city to remember its name and artisanal and industrial butchery tradition. A tradition that comes from agriculture and pig breeding present largely in Lombardy and our territory, but also in Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

"Salame Cremona PGI is the result of a meat processing activity that has been able to combine the traditions of our territory with innovative production processes - explains Gian Domenico Auricchio, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Cremona Chamber of Commerce. Enhancing agri-food excellence is a of the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce, which supports participation in the event with the announcement that provides contributions for Cremonese businesses, with the aim of strengthening the link between the territory and typical products, in the belief that our ancient gastronomic tradition will win over visitors , accompanying them to discover a city and an area rich in history and culture".

“Born within the various projects developed in recent years by the Consortium for the Protection of Salame Cremona, the Salami Festival in Cremona soon became an event of national interest - explains Fabio Tambani, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Salame Cremona PGI -, an opportunity to catalyze attention in our city towards a product which is in fact a symbol of conviviality and at the same time also an exceptional testimonial of the tradition and customs of our territories".

“The Cremona Salami Festival has now fully achieved an important role in the Cremonese, regional and national square events and has proven to be an important driving force not only for the reference sector, involving the whole city like the Torrone Festival, giving Cremona visibility, tourism, turnover – explains Massimo Rivoltini, President of Confartigianato Imprese Cremona -. Confartigianato is moving at a national level to encourage events of this type that raise awareness of the excellence of its traditional productions and the history of its companies made up of capable, enterprising people who are passionate about their work and their history. We will be in the square with our institutional stand with events and tastings, as well as with sales points of our members and to organize an important conference with the Consortium at the Catholic University in Santamonica, with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce and Prof. Lorenzo Morelli".

“Every year we always try to amaze the public number that follows us - says Stefano Pelliciardi, Administrator of SGP Grandi Eventi -. Among the new features this year there will be big names such as Gianfranco Vissani who takes the prize as ambassador of taste, Ivan Albertelli who is the inventor of cured meat therapy which is good for the body and the spirit. We also have the Veronese street artist Cibo who has as a peculiarity of his art that of covering images of violence and hatred with images of Italian cuisine dishes. We then close with a great musician like Andrea Mingardi who will be the protagonist of the 'Pane e salami' event. The major events of the party were two maxi installations, the maxi sandwich over 10 meters long, and a basket of Cremona salamis with a diameter of 10 centimeters and 50 centimeters long which have the particularity of being entirely made of nougat. And then the events

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