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Partnership between Salumi Coati and Salumificio Pavoncelli formalised

After the fire that rendered the production plant in Arbizzano unusable, the Coati family’s charcuterie company announces the resumption of production thanks to a partnership with the historic company in Pescantina

22, Feb 2023

An operation concluded in a very short time in order to limit as much as possible all the difficulties that our customers have experienced as a result of this event and to recreate the conditions for a gradual return to work of the employees'. So reads a note from the Salumi Coati company, which formalised the agreement with Salumificio Pavoncelli on Thursday 16 February, thanks to which it will be possible for the historic Veronese group to resume the production and marketing of Coati products, primarily the “Lenta Cottura” and “Lenta Stagionatura” ranges.

«We have concluded an agreement between the two families, which will allow us to work together and develop new opportunities and common synergies» says Beatrice Coati, CEO of Coati. «We have to thank the Pavoncelli family for their willingness to support us and offer us a new home from which to start in this difficult time. They readily accepted our proposal, which was very important to restart production under the Coati brand, which will continue in parallel with production under the Pavoncelli brand. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our customers, with whom we have a relationship of mutual esteem and deep cooperation, who have stood by us, once again demonstrating their trust: today we can reassure them that supplies will continue soon, thanks above all to their support».

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