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Large-scale retail trade: a positive summer for Europe

In 2021, Europe registered a particular growth in online sales with respect to the previous two years

06, Oct 2022

A summer full of positive numbers for the European large-scale retail trade, even while taking into account the inflation. According to data collected by Europanel, the Food and Grocery market is growing steadily.  Modern online retail stands out with a +67.3% in 2021 compared to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019 and +8.8% compared to 2020.  Discount stores are also emerging in modern retail with a 12% growth compared to 2019, mainly due to gradual post-pandemic re-openings. For the same reason, supermarkets registered an increase of +10.2%. Modern grocery retail grew by 11.4% and grocery retail by 9.9%.

With regard to Italy, IRI data for TUTTOFOOD show a +3.3% increase in the value of Packaged Food between January and July 2022, for a total of 30,705 million euros. The month of July registered a double-digit growth of +11.4%, reaching a threshold of more than 4 billion euros (4,215 million), aided by out-of-town trips due to good weather. With the arrival of the holiday season, the Italians dedicated themselves to outdoor grilling, as shown by sales of Packaged Meat and Fresh Desserts, which in July registered an increase of +14% (82 million) and +36.5% (37 million), respectively.

Many trends emerged during the pandemic were confirmed: for example, Pasta had a 19.6% exploit in July for a total of 92 million euros, registering an increase of +16.4% (728 million) since the beginning of the year. Among beach, pool and mountain parties, Recurrences showed a strong increase also in the second summer month (+35.7% for a value of 1 million), for a total growth in the first part of the year of 15.1% to reach the 600 million threshold (601 million euros). With the arrival of a particularly hot summer, there was also a great performance of Ice Cream, for which sales increased by 27.6% in July alone (205 million euros in value). Since January, however, sales reached a value of 691 million euros (+13.5%).

According to data from the Beverage Wholesalers Channel (Integrated and Consortia), the Beverage sector is still growing (+17.6%) and passed the 500 million threshold (501 million euros) in June. Since the beginning of the year, it registered an increase of +74.1% for a total of 1,912 million euros.


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