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“Ancient grains, a fashion full of falsehoods”

A debate organised by the National Academy of Agriculture in Bologna on 23 October with experts in the field to discuss the issue of misinformation and misleading market and marketing strategies, behind the search for the 'best wheat', that can lead to wrong consumer choices

18, Oct 2023

Senatore Cappelli, Aureo, spelt, monococcus wheat: these are names we are all familiar with by now.We meet them every day on supermarket shelves, filled with products - flours, bread, pasta - based on “grains” with unique characteristics or particular, possibly “ancient” varieties. At the root of this race for the best wheat, whatever that means, ridden by the market and marketing, there is much misinformation.

In this regard, the meeting “Grani antichi una moda piena di falsità” (Ancient grains, a fashion full of falsehoods) organised by the National Academy of Agriculture with the collaboration of the publishing house “Il Mulino” and the Regional Association of Agricultural Journalists (ARGA Emilia-Romagna) will be held on Monday 23 October, at 5pm, in the Sala del Cubiculum Artistarum of Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio in Bologna (Piazza Galvani 1, Bologna). The meeting will see Prof. Luigi Cattivelli, director of the CREA’s Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, talking with journalist Lisa Bellocchi, President of the European Network of Agricoltural Journalists (ENAJ), and Prof. Silvio Salvi, President of the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics.

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