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Marubino Way

A taste trail involving, on the one hand, typical restaurants that have Marubini on their menu and, on the other, all food lovers, enthusiasts and gourmets who want to embark on this journey through typical tastes and flavours. The initiative will last until 25 February

11, Jan 2024

Have you ever heard of marubini? If you have been to Lombardy, a stop in Cremona is a must. In Cremona you will find a mixture of durum wheat flour and eggs, stuffed with beef marinated in vegetables or red wine, with the addition of veal roasted with butter and scented with sage or rosemary. Or instead of veal, pork sprinkled with white wine can be used. Grana Padano PDO and nutmeg are also added. In some areas, “pistum” (Cremonese salami mixture) is used instead of veal or pork.

Each marubino is in itself a journey, an immersion in the flavours of a territory enclosed in a casket of pasta. To make this journey a true experience, Il Cammino del Marubino, an itinerary to discover Cremona’s typical dish, is about to start. Loosely inspired by the famous Way of St. James, the initiative, starting in mid-January and lasting until 25 February, will involve 24 restaurants located in the province of Cremona. Anyone wishing to take part will be able to obtain free of charge at the info point in Piazza del Comune in Cremona and in the restaurants themselves the special Marubino Passport, with which they can undertake their pilgrimage. Each pilgrim will be able to go to the restaurants involved and consume a plate of marubini, after which they will present their passport at the cashier’s desk, which will be validated with the restaurant's stamp, testifying to their passage along that stage of the route.

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