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Asiago cheese becomes privileged partner of Vinitaly

Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago strengthens its high-profile projects in the world of wine and signs a new collaboration with Veronafiere

14, Oct 2022

Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago announces the signing of an agreement that will see Asiago cheese as a privileged partner of Veronafiere in its most important events dedicated to wine: Wine2wine Business forum, Vinitaly & The City, OperaWine and Vinitaly.

The only product so eclectic as to offer maturations ranging from twenty days, with Asiago DOP Fresco, to over ten years, with Asiago DOP Stagionato Stravecchio, becomes, for this exclusive characteristic, Official Cheese of the three most prestigious wine events promoted by Veronafiere and partner of Vinitaly 2023. Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago strengthens its privileged position in the wine sector with a system collaboration that pushes towards foreign markets and envisages direct presence at Wine2wine Business forum, scheduled 7 and 8 November 2022, Vinitaly & The City, 31 March - 3 April 2023, OperaWine scheduled on 1 April 2023 and Vinitaly, from 2 to 5 April 2023 with a programme of exclusive masterclasses dedicated to the pairing of Asiago PDO with the most iconic Italian and foreign wines, the inclusion of the product in moments dedicated to haute cuisine promoted by Veronafiere and joint communication activities.

«The synergy between Protected Designation of Origin Food & Wine products, linked by a common identity and naturally complementary, is a winning way to accredit ourselves in the context of world catering where Italy is increasingly sought after and distinguished in its quality offer» says Consortium Director Flavio Innocenzi. «Hence the importance of our collaboration with a high-profile sector event such as Vinitaly, which offers visibility to the public of Italian and foreign operators».

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