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The Italian agri-food sector in the pandemic 2020-22 years and the first signs of recovery

Bonta - Cremona Fiere - 26-28 November 2022

08, Sep 2022

In the two-year period 2020-2021, the impact of the health crisis caused significant fluctuations in the agri-food sector, showing a certain heterogeneity between the agricultural sector, the food industry and the beverage sector. This is what emerges from CREAgritrend, the quarterly bulletin developed by CREA, with its Center for Political and Bioeconomy Research, edited by Simona Romeo Lironcurti.

The agricultural sector remained at mostly negative levels compared to previous years, leading to a greater use of the employment component. The food and beverage industry sector, on the other hand, contrasted the effects of the pandemic more decisively, showing a negative trend limited to 2020 and, in particular, to the months of closure of production activities. "The recent health crisis has undoubtedly brought to light the need to address economic and production challenges capable of promoting the improvement of food yields and the quality of our products - explains Simona Romeo Lironcurti, researcher at CREA Policies and bioeconomy. Furthermore, the crisis between Ukraine and Russia has reinforced the need to explore productive strategies useful for reducing the strong dependence on foreign countries ”.

"The fair - as we understand it - must provide a vision service as well as a business one, therefore in our main supply chains, which range from the first part of the agri-food chain to the part of the transformation, we represent the sector - declares Roberto Biloni, President of CremonaFiere -. In our food event, the BonTà, we bring to the consumer a selection of quality products from all over Italy. This year, in addition to showing the consumer the food and wine excellences and their tradition, we will also highlight their characteristics of sustainability, safety and added value. All aspects that justify the attention that the consumer must pay in the selection of products and consequently give tools to respond effectively to the difficulties of the market ".

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