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Italy Next DOP, scientific culture of GIs future of Italian agribusiness

Qualivita launches international science communication project to support Italian agribusiness

23, Feb 2023

Fondazione Qualivita successfully closes “Italia Next DOP - 1st Scientific Symposium PDO PGI supply chains”, the first national initiative to disseminate scientific research in PDO PGI supply chains held in Rome, at the Auditorium della Tecnica, on Feb. 22, organized in collaboration with founding members Origin Italia, CSQA Certificazioni, Agroqualità, and Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato.

More than 800 stakeholders in the Italian quality agrifood sector participated in the 6 scientific sessions and the presentation of 90 research projects on Italian PDOs PGIs in the Agora of GI Research, a selection of the great agrifood scientific heritage on GIs traced by Qualivita that includes 200 active researches and 18,000 bibliographic entries. 

The 50 papers presented during the scientific sessions offered a broad snapshot of the sector and its possible developments. The Quality session showed, in particular, the relevance of food with well-coded, welfare-oriented nutritional characteristics in contributing to increasing production quality. The Regulatory panel highlighted how quality agri-food systems evolve through rigorous, consistent and transparent legislation to guarantee consumers and producers. The Governance session, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of a coordinated production system that guarantees food safety and respect for the values of the supply chain, and the centrality of the Consorzi di tutela in intervening on numerous challenges: from markets, employment, operator training and defense of the territory's natural resources to the development of evolved forms of experiential tourism. The Sustainability panel testified to the growing awareness of supply chains on the implementation of all-round sustainable development processes, from the environment to the social, the result of a clearly recognizable ethical footprint. The studies illustrated under Markets offered a new impetus for understanding the evolution of markets and identifying new business outlets for companies, thanks in part to analysis on product differentiation and internationalization strategies. Finally, the Marketing session showed in particular how through current technologies – the so-called “Martech” – certifications can be enhanced and how quality communication processes must take on an increasingly profound role compared to the traditional advertising message, conveying certainty and guarantee information in real time in addition to clear and specific news about all elements of the supply chain.

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