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La Mortadella Bologna IGP registra un incremento della produzione (+3,7%) e dell’export (+6,7%)

Picchi di crescita a due cifre in Germania (+15,8%) e Regno Unito (+20,8%). Bene anche le vendite dell’affettato +6,5%

14, Mar 2024

In 2023, 39.5 million kg of Mortadella Bologna PGI were produced and 33.3 million kg were sold. Compared to 2022, production grew by 3.7% and sales by 0.4% (data provided by the control body IFCQ certifications). Sliced products in trays confirmed the ten-year growth trend, with an increase of 6.5%, proving the convenience of the format, which continues to be chosen by consumers for its ease of use and consumption. Suffice it to say that it has gone from 4.7 million kg processed in 2013 to 11.3 million kg in 2023, with a sales volume that has more than doubled, equal to +240%.

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