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Graukäse Days: September 16-24 celebrates South Tyrol's gray cheese

Food lovers will be able to immerse themselves in the gastronomy and culture of the Aurina Valley, enjoying a selection of dishes based on the typical Graukäse cheese, a Slow Food Presidium since 2003, created by the region's most renowned chefs

08, Aug 2023

The Graukäse Days from September 16 to 24 at the event hall in Cadipietra offer a rich program and a unique opportunity to explore the gastronomic richness of the Aurina Valley vacation area while savoring delicacies prepared by the area's top chefs.

Graukäse, known as gray cheese, belongs to the family of Sauerkäse, acid-coagulated dairy products without the use of rennet, typical of the Tyrolean Alps. The uniqueness of Graukäse lies in the fact that it is made using leftover milk from butter production, along with gray highland flours, which were an integral part of the Tyrolean mountain diet in the past. Graukäse paste is marbled with a flavor that has delicate notes with a hint of bitterness that can vary depending on the amount of whey left at the time of purging. A classic pairing to best spoil Graukäse is to season it with seed oil or extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar and thinly sliced onions. The lucky ones will be able to see the production of this prized product live at the Fuchsalm in the hamlet of Casere, in a beautiful mountain setting.

Photo © Alessandro Azzolin, BigBend Srl,

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