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Recipes based on AGnello di Sardegna PGI in the reels with thousands of views

The Sardinian brand signs the recipes of the reels with thousands of views which dictate the cooking trends for Christmas 2024 via social channels

16, Dec 2023

Sardinian Lamb PGI becomes the protagonist of the influencers' campaigns and like a luxury brand, the Sardinian brand signs the recipes of the reels with thousands of views which dictate the cooking trends for Christmas 2024 via social channels. The prized meat of the lambs born and raised in Sardinia therefore appear on smartphone screens through digital entrepreneurs.

Necessary promotion towards a varied, attentive public who goes looking for an exclusive product at the trusted butcher's counter: food lovers aged 20-35, passionate about cooking; sports lovers aged 20-35, passionate about sports, nutrition and healthy living; mothers who pay attention to the nutrition of even the little ones; young chefs aged 20-25 who are passionate about both traditional and innovative cuisine; the lifestyle category: 20-40 year olds attentive to physical and mental well-being, are the ideal target, attentive and informed also about the breeding dynamics of branded dairy lamb. Product advertised in view of the holidays also within Sky's Masterchef campaigns, another initiative promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Sardinian Lamb PGI which is based in Macomer. All thanks to the European project "Agnello di Sardegna PGI: good, healthy and guaranteed" which includes among its objectives that of describing the quality and properties of PGI products and in particular PGI Agnello di Sardegna. Initiative co-financed within the European program for the promotion of agri-food products under the slogan “Enjoy, It's from Europe”, with actions inside and outside the borders of Europe, to which 481 thousand euros have been allocated for the financing of actions for the promotion of Lamb of Sardinia PGI. Actions that accompany traditional promotions, in local newspapers but also in national newspapers, as well as large billboards in places in cities such as Milan in the City Life district and near the Duomo, and in Turin, near the stations. “The promotional campaigns are as important as the great quality of our traditional product which continues to maintain its status as the prince of the Christmas tables also thanks to the great communication action we are carrying out – explains the director of Contas Alessandro Mazzette -. This is despite ruthless competition which also comes due to fake news spread with the simple intent of changing consumers' eating habits. Lamb meat, maintaining its production methods guaranteed by the label intact, still has excellent possibilities of maintaining its appeal high, elements supported by the fact that together with the advertising campaigns we are carrying out serious promotional work also in international events such as fairs and expo". Proof of this is the great interest shown by the Arab world during the last event in Dubai. “The Specialty Food Festival in the United Arab Emirates – concludes Battista Cualbu, president of Contas – in which we participated at the beginning of November gave us the certainty that the commercial channels towards the Middle East can represent a concrete economic possibility for the island's production sector. There the per capita consumption of sheep meat far exceeds ours: with the Halal certifications we practically have an open door on which to continue working".

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