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Luxardo Spa inaugurates the company museum

An engaging tour to accompany visitors along 200 years of family history

27, Mar 2023

The Luxardo Business Museum is now a reality. Just a stone's throw from the company headquarters in Torreglia (PD), the Privilegiata Fabbrica Maraschino “Excelsior” GIROLAMO LUXARDO Spa, the museum marks a further stage of development for the historic brand leader in the production of liqueurs and ingredients for artisanal confectionery, and one of the oldest distilleries in the world.
The family’s long history, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2021, finds its “home” here: it is a place that invites visitors on a highly evocative journey, accompanying them with an immersive and emotional experience from its origins in Zadar, Dalmatia, to the Euganean Hills where the company has been based since 1947, to bring them closer to the memory of an important past and, through the stages of a growth punctuated by significant achievements, to the present, following an itinerary marked by tireless industriousness and constantly looking to the future.

The structure was designed and realised by Studio Architetti Mar of Venice, paying particular attention to the environmental context in which it is inserted, in full adaptation to nature. The project features an external part in twisted COR-TEN steel blades, a versatile material with extraordinary structural and aesthetic properties and extreme strength. The succession of blades gives a three-dimensional sensation of vibration to the entire front façade and, playing with light, makes it seem almost in motion.
The interior unfolds in a theory of rooms, retracing the fundamental stages of the family’s long history in a circular fashion, in a layout with digital and video stations, which at the same time also gives space to the production phases of the liqueurs that have made the Luxardo name famous throughout the world.

Adjacent to the Museum is the company shop, which has been completely renovated for the occasion, where the entire range of Luxardo liqueurs, bitters, distillates and jams can be purchased.

The Luxardo Museum can be visited by appointment from Wednesday to Saturday, with free admission.

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