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Meat sounding. Liguria dalla parte di agricoltura e allevamenti tradizionali

Law 172: 'preserves the agri-food heritage' and prohibits 'calling meat what is not meat'

12, Dec 2023

"We wish to reiterate the importance of distinguishing and valorising traditional production". Thus the Liguria Region reiterates its appreciation of the Government's decision on agriculture and livestock. "Law no. 172/2023 preserves the agri-food heritage and expressly prohibits calling meat what is not meat", underlines the Region which "views the provision with satisfaction, reiterating once again the healthiness of the Mediterranean diet and the importance of maximum transparency for the consumer, who is too often disoriented by meat sounding or incomplete information".

"A clear, direct direction - adds the Authority -, in order to protect the national livestock heritage as well as ensuring correct information for consumers. The feed sector is also further regulated, giving further references to the sector. Liguria Region

The new law, the body reiterates, arrives "in the week in which the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella - writes the Region - promulgated the bill containing 'Provisions regarding the ban on the production and placing on the market of food and feed consisting of, isolated or produced from cell or tissue cultures deriving from vertebrate animals as well as a ban on the denomination of meat for processed products containing vegetable proteins".

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Genoa, GE, Italy, 06/12/2023 11:29
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