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Ninù, Mediterranean flavours and traditions revisited in modern style

Restaurant, cocktail bar, cafeteria and three overnight suites on the upper floor

17, Oct 2023

The art of refinement and hospitality has a new home, Ninù, in Rome, in the central Via della Frezza, a large house transformed into an original multifunctional accommodation space: restaurant, cocktail bar, cafeteria and three suites for the night upstairs. All with great attention to the furnishings and flavors, according to the idea of the owner and creator of the new Capitoline restaurant, the interior designer Alessandra Marino, who called the executive chef Marco Gallotta and the chef Simone Ianiro to lead the kitchen team.

Theirs is a proposal that draws on Mediterranean flavors and traditions, revisited with a modern style and a prevalence of dishes and fish products, from shellfish to oysters, through sautés, carpaccio, ceviche and tartare. And of course spaghettoni with clams, seafood and legume soups with Felicetti spelled tubes, linguine with spider crab and among the second courses lobsters, scampi, lobsters, tuna tataki, paranza fillets in fake tempura and other fish delicacies. From sea to land, however, there is no shortage of traditional recipes, such as Fettuccine with knife-beaten beef ragù, Spaghetti with tomatoes, basil and 36-month Parmesan cheese, Saltimbocca alla Romana with veal, grilled beef fillet, summer Parmigiana , etc. Dishes that in good weather can also be enjoyed sitting outside, which is designed as a "terrace" on the silent Via della Frezza.

Ninù - the childhood name of the owner Alessandra Marino - signed the architectural project and interior design of her Roman home, transforming it into a food and wine welcoming place, with 100 seats indoors and outdoors and an offer that expands from food to bar and cafeteria. Among the desserts: Lemon delight, Sorbets, Savarin orange and wild strawberries, Chocolate mousse with mandarin heart; instead for the aperitif Cocktail or glass of wine with three tastings of the house, Oysters, Crostini or Fry.
“Ninù” is also the signature cocktail based on Aperol, lemon juice, sage, pineapple, Thè French Blu by Mariage Frères.
Finally, there is the "From eleven to eighteen" menu proposed to those who have little time or during a work break, or who want a substantial snack. Snacks include: Swordfish toast, Avocado toast, Golden and fried cod cannelloni, Salmon, tuna or shellfish salad.

The "house" at street level has various rooms that follow each other without limits of continuity, guiding the customer from the cocktail bar to the cafeteria up to the restaurant rooms: one with a designer social table, another with a library of 9,000 volumes, then a small greenhouse and kitchen lab; all between large skylights, walls and furnishings that make up a choreography played on green, blue and dove-grey shades. On the second floor, however, three refined rooms different from each other, embellished with designer objects from various eras and art collections.


by Massimiliano Rella

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