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African Swine Fever: the words of Alessandro Utini, President of the Parma Ham Consortium

17, Apr 2024

Alessandro Utini, President of the Parma Ham Consortium: «Our country has been facing the spread of the African Swine Fever virus for more than two years. In the province of Parma, the first cases were recorded at the beginning of 2024, and a few days ago news broke of the discovery of a wild boar carcass that tested positive for PSA in the municipality of Varano de’ Melegari, part of the Parma Ham production area. This event is generating great concern in a production sector already exhausted by the threat of contagion. The disease poses no danger to humans and neither in Italy nor in the EU are there any restrictions on the marketing of our product. Having said this, the arrival of the virus in the Parma Ham production area requires some clarification with respect to non-EU exports.  Ever since the first cases were found in our peninsula, several non-EU countries (China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, among others) have undertaken a protectionist policy, closing their markets to all pork products from Italy. The health guarantees provided by the long maturation of our product allow important export outlets such as the United States and Australia to remain open. The only major change will concern exports to Canada, a country to which producers located in restricted zone II will no longer be able to ship their product».

Photo © fotocarraparma

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