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Gift food: the 'royal' Culatello

Beautiful Christmas cadeau

27, Nov 2023

The most famous Culatello in the world, the favorite of Charles III, King of England, of Chefs Alain Ducasse and Massimo Bottura, is the one created by the Spigaroli family. Because nothing has changed in the workmanship of this fabulous cured meat, ever since Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, of whom the Spigarolis were sharecroppers, praised it in letters to his friends. After three generations, the care has remained identical: very few ingredients and all natural, the meat from their farms of white and black pigs at zero km and matured in the oldest cellars in the world, dating back to 1320. A very slow maturation, a knowledge passed down in the family , the fog of the Po, make it a perfect gift to make a real impression. On the online shop they can be bought in slices, halves or whole and are shipped throughout Italy clean and vacuum-packed, ready to be sliced. The Verticale di Culatello is a beautiful gift - sliced in a tray, which arrives at your home in an elegant package containing three different maturations, from 18 to 21 months, from 24 to 28 months, from 36 to 40 months. Each seasoning is sliced individually in a 50 gram tray, in a modified atmosphere. The package (150 grams total) costs 26 euros

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