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The trademark of the Consortium for the protection of PDO Piacentini "Piacentino - Piacentina" cured meats registered in Chile

The trademark portfolio of the Consortium for the Protection of Piacenza PDO Salumi is enriched with a new international registration

25, Jan 2023

The trademark portfolio of the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Piacentini Salumi has been enriched with a new international registration. In fact, the Chilean Patent and Trademark Office has registered the collective trademark “Piacentino - Piacentina”. The communication arrived in these days at the Consortium offices, which had been pursuing this registration for some time through the collaboration of the “Rosso Borghero” studio.

«This important result gratifies and rewards the Consortium’s commitment to the protection of its designations. As is well known, PDO protection is valid in the EU territory, but not in third markets» says the president of the Consortium for the Protection of Salumi PDO Piacentini, Antonio Grossetti.

From today the Consortium has an important pro-competitive tool to facilitate the export of its products to a strategic market such as the United States of America, Canada, Japan and now Chile. The benefits of the result achieved will be appreciated, on the one hand, with regard to promotion since through the mark it will certify to consumers in these countries that the cured meats marked are an expression of a historic production tradition linked to local culture that is guaranteed by strict compliance with production specifications and, on the other hand, in relation to protection since today we have a title that will make it possible to prevent or repress abuses or illegal uses of PDOs detrimental to the supply chain.

The phenomenon of Italian Sounding today is worth something like over 120 billion euros and predominantly touches all food categories and manifests itself precisely with evocative messages to Italian-ness through the use of wording, colors, and names that can have misleading aspects on consumer purchases. The real risk, as happened for other very important Italian products, is that, cured meats that have nothing to do with our three PDOs, may be marketed in countries outside the European Union with names that evoke our brands. And ironically, if that were to happen, in those countries, our PDOs could not be marketed with their true names “Coppa Piacentina, Salame Piacentino, Pancetta Piacentina”. We see it now on a daily basis how many attempts to imitate Piacenza brands are being perpetrated. Right now, for example, the Consortium has an international lawsuit with Colombia and has just resolved a problem of this nature with Argentina, where a local firm attempted to register a trademark for its salumi with this wording “PIACENTINO PLACER ARGENTINO”.

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