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Varzi salami on the rise

In the first 9 months of 2023, production grew by 7.5% while sliced in trays lost 14%, but remained above pre-Covid levels

12, Dec 2023

With 482,004 kg of certified product in the first 9 months of 2023, compared to 448,327 kg in the corresponding period in 2022, Varzi Salami recorded an increase of 7.5%.
This data is also confirmed by the number of certified salamis which goes from 472,905 in the first 9 months of 2022 to 503,561 in 2023 with an increase of 6.5%.
On the other hand, the format of cold cuts in trays is decreasing, with 271,073 packs of product compared to 316,509 last year, recording a contraction of 14%, in line with the declining trend of this format within the delicatessen sector. Italian, even if it is a fact that needs to be contextualized, as the president of the Consortium for the Protection of Salame di Varzi, Fabio Bergonzi, explains: "We are extremely proud of the continuous growth of Salame di Varzi which, in contrast with the negative trend in production and sales of the majority of Italian delicatessen, recorded an increase of 7.5%, demonstrating that the hard core of admirers of our product not only remains faithful to it but, on the contrary, increases the opportunities for purchasing and consuming it, due to its undeniable qualitative characteristics which distinguish it as a 'premium' product. However, as regards the decline in cold cuts, it should be noted that the tray format records a contraction in almost all Italian delicatessen products, due to the fact that with the increase in prices and inflation, the price/kg of the product is much more convenient in the full format than in the tray. Furthermore, once the pandemic emergency has passed, the need to stock large quantities of the product in this format has also disappeared. It is, therefore, a setback that is not worrying because we are still at levels higher than pre-Covid: 271 thousand packages in 2023 compared to 168 thousand in 2019".

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