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Salame Felino IGP: fatturato al consumo a quota 84 milioni di euro nel 2022

Consumer sales of Salame Felino IGP stand at 84 million euros and are up 5 percent from 2021. Labeled production increases by 0.9% year-on-year. The boom in pre-sliced continues

18, Apr 2023

Growing numbers in 2022 for the Salame Felino IGP sector, which, in the Parma area groups 14 companies and employs about 500 people, including direct and allied workers. According to data provided by ECEPA - Ente Certificazione Prodotti Agro-alimentari (Agri-food Products Certification Authority), consumer turnover grows by +5 percent compared to 2021, and registers 84 million euros. In value terms, the production of Salame Felino IGP is close to 40 million euros. Labeled product increases by 0.9% and stands at 3.69 million kg. 

Large-scale retail trade is confirmed as the main marketing channel. Good results were achieved by the free service, with Salame Felino IGP purchased whole or in slices, but it is the pre-sliced salami that recorded significant growth: as of December 31, 2022, more than 639,000 kg of Salame Felino IGP destined for slicing, with an increase in volume of 7.3% compared to 2021. This is a positive figure that confirms a long-term trend: in fact, volume sales of pre-sliced Salame Felino IGP had grown by 4.5% in 2021. 

Exports maintain about 5 percent of the turnover of Salame Felino IGP, and 177,000 kg of labeled product are destined for foreign markets. The EU area is confirmed as the main destination market for Salame Felino IGP, accounting for more than 80% of product exports.

President of the Consorzio di Tutela del Salame Felino IGP Umberto Boschi comments, «We are satisfied with the growth recorded by the Salame Felino IGP sector in 2022, a result that gives continuity and exceeds the already positive levels of 2021. The upward trend of pre-sliced, with the consistent increase in 2022, only partly dented by a slight decline in the first months of 2023, testifies to consumers» appreciation for the tray, which speeds up purchasing operations, preserves the organoleptic qualities of the product, avoids waste and lends itself to out-of-home consumption. In the first months of 2023 certified quantity is confirmed to be substantially stable, despite the substantial erosion of margins for producers due to the cost of domestic meat, which has never been so high on the market. In addition, 2022 was a year marked by the high costs of energy, packaging materials, packaging and transportation. Since the beginning of the new year we are seeing a partial reduction in these latter costs, but we are far from offsetting the increase in meat. Adjustments in price lists will therefore be inevitable to maintain the economic balance of producing companies. Government intervention on indirect taxation to lower VAT, now at 10 percent, would certainly be a help for the whole sector».

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