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Salame Piemonte IGP: production down, sliced salami holding up

Production and exports down -10% in 2022. Sliced products hold up, slight growth in turnover

31, Mar 2023

The Consorzio del Salame Piemonte closed 2022 with a general drop in performance, partly offset by an increase in turnover. Production amounts to about 168,700 kg, but calculated on the fresh product and no longer on the sold one (this is due to the certifying body that has changed the reference parameter), re-proportioning this value to the data of the previous years (it is necessary to subtract about a 30% weight drop), we obtain a production figure of about 120,000 kg, equal to a -10% compared to 2021. 

Exports are still worth 10% of the volume, and this channel, compared to 2021, also contracted by 10%. The main reason for this is due to the closure of the Japanese market, which alone accounts for as much as 20% of total exports of Salame Piemonte PGI.

The 2022 production turnover of € 1,760,582 recorded a 2.5% increase compared to the 2021 value of € 1,717,641.76 (source: Ismea). This increase occurred as a result of the application of the price list increase, which became necessary due to the increase in energy costs.

With regard to sliced product in trays, 410,000 packages were sold in 2022, which, compared to those of 2021, show a substantial stability. The shares between sliced and whole products remain unchanged compared to last year, even if producers are concentrating much more on the development of new sliced references compared to the whole ones, also taking into account that today sliced products represent more than half of the Salame Piemonte business with a 53% share in the domestic market and with an even greater weight of sliced products on the whole product on the foreign market, standing at 65%, stable compared to last year.

«In general, the negative trend in 2022 can be attributed to the increase in the inflation rate, which has recently reached double-digit rates not seen since the 1980s and which has eroded the spending capacity of the end consumer, who is now much more careful when it comes to food purchases» comments Daniele Veglio, President of the Consorzio Salame Piemonte. «To this must be added the fact that the specifications require, for the whole product, a minimum weight of 400 g, which at this time of price rises, produces a very high price/piece, compared to products that, with much lower weights 150/200 g at the same €/kg, are much more affordable and competitive on price/piece. In any case, the figures for the first two months of 2023 tell us that there was a slight increase of 1.5% on the production front, which gives us reason to hope for a possible reversal of the trend with a return to more substantial increases by the end of the year».

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