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Cured meats: the growing importance of sustainable gastronomy

Six out of 10 Italians are willing to spend more for certified ones

31, Aug 2022

Berkel's Food Observatory survey shows how the search for sustainable, genuine and quality food is increasing in Italy

Today, sustainability permeates all areas of daily life and business, leading to a reconversion of the processes and dynamics of companies and industries. The cured meats sector is no exception. It is experiencing a strong moment of transformation also linked to the increased attention to sustainable gastronomic products by Italian consumers. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by the Food Observatory of Berkel, a company of Food Supplies Made in Italy of the Rovagnati Group, according to which about 6 out of 10 consumers (59.4%) declare that they are willing to pay a premium for cured meats that carry a sustainability certification.

Consumers are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly gastronomy, to such an extent that 69% prefer to buy zero-kilometre cured meats. Other factors influencing the decision to purchase these products include the presence of a PDO/PGI certification (67%), origin from a controlled and sustainable supply chain (66.3%) and product traceability (64.9%). Finally, 46.5% of the consumers consider it important that the sausage is organic, and 45.5% that it has a green certification.


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