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Schenk Italian Wineries grows in the semester

The group announces the purchase of new vineyards in Montepulciano

24, Aug 2023

The Schenk Italian Wineries Group grew in the first half of 2023 with an aggregate turnover as at 30 June of 66.8 million euro (+14% compared to the same period last year) and a shipped volume of 21.9 million litres (+8.5%). The export share remained stable at 69% of the total, with Germany, Russia and the USA on the podium of the main export countries, at 25%, 15% and 11% respectively.

With a production of 55 million bottles and an aggregate turnover of the Trentino Group estimated at 140 million Euro in the year 2022, Schenk Italian Wineries, owned by the Schenk Family, continues its strategy of integrated supply chain with the acquisition of 6 hectares south of the current land owned in Lunadoro di Motepulciano (SI).

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Siena, SI, Italy, 23/08/2023 19:56
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