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Fewer and fewer pig farms in Italy, now below the psychological threshold of 100,000

And with all the problems to deal with, one wonders how the PDO protection consortia plan to preserve the economic sustainability of the remaining herds

29, Apr 2024

The number of farms is collapsing and pigs are concentrated: the new CLAL data illustrate an impressive phenomenon, which Assosuini has been denouncing for years. With a decline of 8.3% in six months (in the period from June 2023 to December 2023), the total number of pig farms in Italy falls below the psychological threshold of 100,000 and goes from 106,124 to 97,331. It is in particular the North-East that has recorded a considerable decline in livestock farming, with disconcerting data (-16.54% in Veneto and -18.55% in Friuli Venezia Giulia), as well as Calabria (-52.88%), Valle d'Aosta (-27.66%) and Puglia (-17.80%). The number of pigs is also decreasing, but to a lesser extent (only by -2.25%), which fell to 8,161,676 units in December last year.


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