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Cheese enthusiasts from around the world return to Cheese

USA, Germany and Switzerland the most present

03, Aug 2023

The premises are there. According to the interest and requests registered by enthusiasts and exhibitors, the 2023 edition could be an edition of Cheese - the most important international event dedicated to raw milk cheeses organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra from 15 to 18 September - which travel on pre-pandemic numbers. We are told by the percentage of appointments by reservation already purchased a month and a half from the beginning - more than 50% of those published to date, over 600 places, already assigned, with various events already sold out - for the majority from an audience foreigner. The vast majority of the United States, Germany and Switzerland - but also France, Spain and the Nordic countries - have already taken over many of the dozens of Taste Workshops, In Cucina con Slow Food and Appointments at the Table. The advice, even for locals, is to take a look at the program to ensure a front row seat at the most popular events. And if the holidays are looming, don't worry: the program is constantly evolving and there will be the possibility of living an experience of knowledge and taste in each of the events proposed, but also strolling among the stalls and stands of over 400 exhibitors from all regions Italian and beyond.

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