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A thank you to AOP Italia Zootecnica for the European project to enhance the value of beef produced in Italy

These were the words of the President of the Consorzio Sigillo Italiano, Franco Martini, upon learning the news of the release of the ranking list of the "Commission Implementing Decision on the selection of programmes for the promotion of agricultural products pursuant to Reg. 1144/2014".

17, Nov 2023

“I would like to thank the President of the AOP Italia Zootecnia, Alessandro De Rocco, and all the associated Producer Organizations and Producer Associations, for having conceived, planned and supported the project for the valorisation and promotion of beef produced in Italy, approved and financed by the Commission European Union for an amount of €. 2,723,580.00 with a contribution equal to 70% of €. 1,906,506.00 identifying the fundamental levers of the project identified with the acronym EUCAREBEEF in the National Livestock Quality System and in the Italian Seal Consortium.”

These are the words of the President of the Italian Sigillo Consortium, Franco Martini upon learning the news of the release of the ranking of the "Commission's Implementation Decision relating to the selection of programs for the promotion of agricultural products pursuant to Reg. 1144/2014."

The figures are important - continues Martini - and for our beef cattle breeding industry this is the first time that it has the possibility of developing an organic project, which can last over time and which is not limited to the slogans "eat meat", but which can identify it with an umbrella brand, ours, Consorzio Sigillo Italiano and communicate it correctly to consumers, considering that in Italy "one in two steaks" comes from abroad.

If on the one hand there are attempts to delegitimize us on social media with fake news and, as seen yesterday in Rome, with blatant provocations on the part of those who should support us in the institutions and instead mock us by saying that "we cultivate ignorance" and, on this topic, maximum solidarity with Coldiretti President Ettore Prandini for the provocations he suffered, on the other hand there are the consumers who reward us every day, appreciating our certified quality productions.

We are ready to participate in the AOP Italia Zootecnica project with the Disciplinary of the "Vitellone and Scottona raised on cereals" and with the "Fassone di Razza Piemontese".

I really hope we can join forces - concludes Martini - also with our friends of the Piedmontese PGI and the Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino, taking into account that we have 50% of market shares to recover and, only united can we win.

Consorzio Sigillo Italiano

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