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University of Parma, master's degree in food and nutrition

Call for papers published for the 3rd edition of the course in Scientific Communication dealing with food

30, Jul 2023

It is known that a correct diet is a fundamental element in the prevention of numerous pathologies. But knowing how to transmit and disseminate correct and scientifically based information on nutrition is also an important activity in a society invaded by fake news on this topic. For this reason, the University of Parma presents the third edition of the Master in Scientific Communication-CoSe, which this year dedicates a part of the educational program to the communication of nutrition.

In fact, part of the educational program of the I level Master's Degree in Scientific Communication of the University of Parma will be dedicated to the theme of the communicative effectiveness of food and nutrition, an annual course of study carried out entirely in e-learning mode, now this year in its third edition.

The master is sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Parma University Hospital and the Parma Local Health Authority: the call for applications for the 2023-2024 academic year has just been published. To meet the needs of students who work or who cannot move to Parma, the Master in Scientific Communication takes place entirely online: both the lessons and the 2 scheduled exams can be used via Teams, while the only face-to-face event is the presentation of the thesis.

Enrollments for the Master's course, born within the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma, will be open from 5 September to 27 October 2023: there are 70 places available. Applications will be accepted in chronological order of presentation. Anyone in possession of a three-year, master's or old system degree, in any field, can enroll.

The lessons will be conducted by 100 university professors, journalists, communicators and disseminators, experts and professionals of excellence in the field of scientific communication. Directed by Susanna Esposito, professor of Pediatrics and chief physician at the Children's Hospital of the Parma University Hospital, the master offers a 1,500-hour training course which includes online lessons, in synchronous and asynchronous mode, individual study, internship or research project and final paper and issues 63 university training credits.

The course, explains an official press release, "is aimed both at those who intend to undertake a profession in the field of scientific communication, and at professionals already inserted in the world of communication or science, who wish to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills for enhance your CV".

The goal of the master, reports the note, "is to provide participants, coming from both scientific and humanistic study paths, with the knowledge and tools necessary to become professional figures capable of guiding communication strategies and processes related to scientific and health, able to manage the complexity of the world of communication by exploiting interdisciplinary knowledge".

The subscribers, continues the press release, "will be prepared to enter the fields of communication and scientific journalism with the use of various means of communication, from the more traditional ones to digital and social media, to prepare and manage communication plans for research, public and private institutions, with particular reference to healthcare companies and facilities, universities, scientific museums and research centres, schools, as well as private companies in the healthcare, scientific, publishing fields, etc".

Parma, PR, Italy, 28/07/2023 11:21
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