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USA, more bans on artificial meat

Florida and Alabama said no, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas are ready

22, May 2024

Italy is not alone in its battle against artificial laboratory meat. The United States is also starting to ban it, as in recent weeks Florida, first, and Alabama, then, have passed laws banning the production and sale of the food. In Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey signed the decree on 7 May: the law makes it illegal to produce, sell and distribute the food and in the event of violation provides for up to three months in prison, the revocation of the licence in the case of a food establishment and a fine of USD 500. And that's not all, because in the queue, among the states that say they are ready to take the side of no to fake meat with a law are Arizona, Tennessee and Texas.

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Roma, 21/05/2024 13:38
EFA News - European Food Agency

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