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20, Mar 2023

Italy voted against on Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

Tomei, Assocarni: 'The clear stance of our country,' Tomei continues, 'is particularly significant because it unravels the cards of a European Commission that is increasingly marauding with hyperbolic green proposals that then lead to the umpteenth compromise that allows the diplomacies of the Member States to save face with "the best possible result

20, Mar 2023

No from European farmers to the EU 'stables-killing' directive

New legislation 'equates farms with factories by pushing them to close'

15, Mar 2023

Assocarni: inclusion of the beef sector in the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive is unacceptable

On 16 March 2023, the European Environment Council meets, during which the Swedish Presidency would like to include the cattle sector in the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive

09, Mar 2023

February on the upswing for pig farming

On the other hand, the profitability of both slaughtering and curing declines

08, Mar 2023

At Cibus Connecting Italy 2023 Blonde D’Aquitaine and chef Davide Oldani.

Asprocarne Piemonte presents a workshop for the valorisation of the sustainable supply chain of this breed of cattle born in France and bred in Italy

07, Mar 2023

Cibus+Tuttofood: the Italian agri-food trade fair giant is born

Agreement between Parma and Milan: alliance of trade fairs gives rise to world-class entity