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16, Sep 2022

European Commission gas and energy consumption reduction forecasts alarm meat and sausage producers

'We cannot be subjected to even temporary detachments and rationing, otherwise we will throw our entire production into the rubble' (Ruggero Lenti, President ASSICA)

16, Sep 2022

Rabobank China: pork market starts a new cycle

According to Rabobank, the pig sector in China has just entered a new cycle, with market conditions that will bring less price volatility and more government control. Its growth potential would be supported by productivity development, market consolidation and international trade.

13, Sep 2022

ANABIC for the first time at the Sommet de l’Élevage

President Luca Panichi: 'Proud to bring our livestock excellence to the international stage'

09, Sep 2022

Coop Report. Pandemic, climate crisis, war, inflation: the perfect storm

Food poverty is growing, international trade is decreasing and the climate emergency is now a dramatic everyday occurrence.

09, Sep 2022

More space, lower temperatures, shorter journeys

EFSA recommendations to improve animal welfare during transport

08, Sep 2022

Pig farming in chiaroscuro: pig prices at record levels but profitability not yet restored

Prices for fresh cuts go up but slaughter pigs suffer. Firm prices for cured hams and high prices for fresh legs weigh on the profitability of curing