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10, Feb 2023

First 2023 leg of Federcarni Young Butchers Championship kicks off, starring Irish meat

The event will be held this Sunday, Feb. 12, at the ADO & Alberghiero Orio Vergani Institute in Ferrara

07, Feb 2023

Eva Gocsik, Rabobank: 'World pork production is set to decline. In Europe in 2023 it could reach -4%'.

In anticipation of Suinicoltura Congress 2023 in Cremona (27 February), an interview with Eva Gocsik, an economic analyst specialising in the animal protein sector from Rabobank, the leading Dutch financial institute that has always been involved in global financial analysis for the agri-food sector

06, Feb 2023

Animal welfare and consumers, the Emilia-Romagna Breeders' System takes the field with its excellence

The Associazione Regionale Allevatori dell'Emilia Romagna (ARAER) intends to respond to the attacks on the livestock sector with a series of initiatives that favour the professional improvement of its members, while providing consumers with guarantees on quality and production processes

31, Jan 2023

PSA, in one year the area affected by infection has more than doubled

“Su questa emergenza sanitaria i riflettori purtroppo si sono spenti" – afferma Francesco Feliziani, Responsabile Laboratorio Referenze Nazionali Peste Suine. Approfondimenti a Suinicoltura Congress il 27 febbraio 2023 a Cremona

27, Jan 2023

Pig sector: numerous risks in the short to medium term

Crefis director speaks: 'Inflation, protein demand and animal welfare regulations looming'