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In Cattolica to talk about Fishing as Unesco Heritage

Signatures are being collected in support of the candidacy

03, Feb 2023

The conference and workshop promoted by the FLAG Costa of Emilia-Romagna was held on the afternoon of Thursday 2 February at the Centro Culturale Polivalente in Cattolica to present the cooperation project between Coastal Action Groups (FLAGs) from different regions, called PCP Cultural Heritage of Fishing. The progress of the work of the candidacy process of Pesca in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco was presented with the aim of soliciting adhesions from the associative, productive and cultural realities.

The proceedings were opened by greetings from Alessandro Belluzzi Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Cattolica and with the intervention of Sergio Caselli, vice president of Flag Costa Emilia-Romagna, and Angela Nazzaruolo, coordinator of Flag Costa Emilia-Romagna, who presented the project in its various facets and stages of the journey, while the technical phases of the journey were illustrated by Endi Orlandin and Alessandra Gattei, project consultants.

After the excursus of the research and investigation phases, on the collection of information and study of the practices, the debate was opened with those present to share ideas, suggestions and suggestions with those present who in some cases were workers employed in various capacities in fishing .

Among the speeches, Federico Bigoni of Federpersca underlined that in this project the lion's share goes to small-scale fishing but in reality “industrial fishing is also sustainable. Fishing is by nature welcoming and supportive. The fisherman has a history of migration, of support for the least, and migrants themselves. They are migrants who have been welcomed. Today fishermen are the bearers of fundamental human values: fishermen are not afraid to risk their own lives to rescue the shipwrecked".

Participation in the event was great and there were many interventions and solicitations to see the goal of seeing the trades and tools of fishing and aquaculture in the list of Unesco Intangible Heritage.


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