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Aquaculture: EUR 4.2 billion turnover in the EU

Eurostat figures for 2021 see volumes of 1.1 mln tonnes. Italy third after Spain and France

04, Oct 2023

In 2021, across the European Union, 1.1 million tonnes of animals and plants were farmed, in particular fish, molluscs and crustaceans, and a value of 4.2 billion euros. This was certified by Eurostat, according to whose report the top four aquaculture producers in the EU cover 68% of the total: Spain (25%), France (17%), followed by Italy and Greece together at 13%. The entire EU production, however, is largely surpassed by that of Norway alone, which in the same year produced 1.6 tonnes of aquatic organisms: the undisputed Norwegian record is favored primarily by farmed salmon.

Among the European Union's aquaculture products, the most widespread are fish (such as trout, sea bream, sea bass, carp, tuna and salmon) and molluscs (primarily mussels, oysters and clams), which cover almost the entire volume. In 2021 the production value of trout and sea bass was higher than that of all other species in the EU (both fish represent 14% each of the total value of EU aquatic farming in the year under review).

Also in 2021, Spain produced around 7 tonnes out of 10 of all Mediterranean mussels farmed in the EU. France farmed the majority of the EU's Pacific cup oysters (88% of the total) and was the main supplier of farmed blue mussels to the EU (45% of the total).

Italy produced 92% of the Japanese carpet coverings grown in the EU. Greece produces 69% of the EU's farmed sea bream and 53% of European sea bass. Malta holds the record for farmed Atlantic bluefin tuna (72% of the EU total), while Ireland produces almost all farmed salmon in 2021 (96%).

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Luxembourg, 03/10/2023 11:54
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