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Aquaculture. Lollobrigida: 'Good certifications, they are the best defence'

Masaf is the first European department to receive sustainability certification for this activity

26, Sep 2023

On the disposal of the blue crab, the Minister of Agriculture announces the activation of research, albeit "seriously late"

"For us Italians, certification is never a problem, we are not afraid of labels because they are our best form of defense. If we tell how we work, how we defend work, the environment and the quality of our products we are winners in the world We are the nation of quality, which is why Masaf works on these certifications and on the promotion of our products." Thus the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida, speaking at the press conference on the campaign for sustainable aquaculture at the Masaf stand within the Porcini Mushroom Festival of Lariano, in the province of Rome.

During the conference, the two new video spots supporting the certification for sustainable aquaculture were presented. Masaf supports the campaign with Feamp funds, created by UnionCamere through the "Hello Fish" project. "We are the first Ministry of Agriculture in Europe to have been certified for sustainable aquaculture, a strategic sector for Italy that we want to support and enhance to open up new growth possibilities", underlined Lollobrigida. The minister thanked the organizers of the event in Lariano, highlighting the value represented by initiatives like this in providing information, enhancing and promoting local food and wine excellence. Also present at the initiative were the councilor for the Budget, Economic Planning, Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Hunting and Fishing, Parks and Forests of the Lazio Region Giancarlo Righini, the senator Giorgio Salvitti and the honorable Alessandro Palombi and Angelo Rossi.

"Someone tells us that fish can be packaged in a laboratory, it can be 3D printed, that we must give up agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, because the food of the future will be made in a factory. Well, I think that in Italy must never happen, because on the contrary we must invest in our potential", added the minister, recalling that "together with the Ministry of Culture, we have launched the candidacy of Italian cuisine as a UNESCO intangible heritage site. Our cuisine is an expression of our identity, territories, biodiversity and traditions".

On the strategy to deal with the proliferation of the blue crab, Lollobrigida specified: "First we provide funds for disposal. At the same time, we activate research, with a long delay because it should have been done first, to understand how to dispose of the blue crab in excess, for feed, for bioplastic, for all those supply chains that can be activated. On the other hand, I asked the nutritionists, our journalists, even the association of our chefs, to talk about the blue crab and explain that it is a product with important benefits, such as a strong presence of vitamin B12, for consumption".

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Lariano, RM, Italy, 09/25/2023 12:26
EFA News - European Food Agency

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