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Coop Fisheries Alliance on blue crabs, an endless emergency: some 50 tonnes harvested again yesterday

Cristian Maretti: the Po Delta has now been conquered by this unstoppable enemy

11, Aug 2023

"While the ministry and the regions are working to identify the areas affected by this scourge, the numbers of an unprecedented invasion emerge with dramatic clarity - declares Cristian Maretti, co-president of the Alliance of Italian Fishing Cooperatives."
The first appropriations will serve to alleviate a little a situation that is increasingly shocking by the hour.

An entire fishing community is at risk in the Polesine area and throughout the Goro inlet.

"Every effort must be concentrated on the emergency whose social and economic effects will explode shortly - continues Maretti."

We are talking about over a hundred million euros which, instead of making entire families survive for the next 12/24 months, have only enriched the jaws of this Croatian killer.

"For this reason, rather than thinking about catering or how to cook this scourge, it is necessary to activate every institutional channel that allows these areas to survive - Maretti reiterates."
"Gentlemen, it's really over here!" These are the words that resonate in these hours when we talk about the drama of the blue crab!

It is therefore necessary to declare a "state of emergency"; in this sense, the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives appeals to the ministers Lollobrigida and Musumeci, to the governors Bonacini and Zaia, to the councilors Corazzari and Mammi to raise the level of political and institutional attention.

“It will then be necessary to start thinking about freezing the payment of taxes, contributions, mortgage installments and anything else serious on cooperatives, businesses, workers and families who will have to face a tunnel whose length no one can predict! - concludes Cristian Maretti”

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