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Alliances and networks for a multifunctional fish supply chain: projects and future prospects

The closing event of the Euro-Mediterranean Fish Med Net project was held in Rome

05, Jul 2023

The future of fishing also passes through multifunctionality. Starting with tourism to pass through services to the community, processing and aquaculture. These are the 4 clusters on which Fish Med Net worked, a Euro-Mediterranean project created to give value to the sector, which were the focus of the meeting organized at Palazzo Merulana (Rome) by Legacoop Agroalimentare, the final event of a process that began in 2019 and which involved Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine.
«A key role in the path to give value to the fishing activity can be played by cooperation. Between sectors, between companies, between countries, between generations. The cooperative recipe is the tool for handing down the ability to do business», underlined the president of Legacoop Agroalimentare, Cristian Maretti.

The project: innovation and cooperation
The goal of Fish Med Net is to help create employment and improve the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises that make up the world of Mediterranean fishing through the opportunities of the blue economy and global markets where key elements are technology, innovation , sustainability, integration and cooperation. From this point of view, it is essential to create cross-border commercial alliances on innovative products and services with high added value as part of the process of diversifying fishing activity. Elements shared by the project partners: the Community of Municipalities of Southern Corsica (lead partner), Legacoop Agroalimentare, the Haliéus development cooperation association, the International Center for Agronomic Studies of the Mediterranean of Bari, the Tunisian Development Association of artisanal fishing, the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon and the Center for Economic and Social Development of Palestine.
«The project worked jointly and synergistically with the entire Mediterranean Partnership, and with other projects to actively act within the ENI CBC Med program for a more competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable Mediterranean basin at an economic, social and environment», explained Francesca Ottolenghi, president of Haliéus, Legacoop's structure for international cooperation. «We need to act together for a Mediterranean with an economy of competition and reciprocity, aimed at the planet and people, individual and collective well-being, rights and freedom to live and love life and one's work. An economy that reduces divisions and social inequalities, based on sustainable and inclusive business models (such as cooperatives), businesses in harmony with the future, society, the environment and people», concluded Ottolenghi.
Exploiting the attractiveness of the sea and the charm of the fisherman's profession to be experienced first-hand, are the basis of fishing tourism and ittitourism which find ever greater space among the marineries and find an ever greater interest from the market.
During the event, good practices were presented that aim at the development of multifunctionality in the fish supply chain, declined according to the vocation of the territories of the partnership.
Finally, the concrete results of the project were illustrated, including the platform and the package of multilingual training modules (English, Italian, Arabic and French).

FISHMEDNET, Fishery Mediterranean Network is the project co-financed by the European Union under the ENI CBC MED Program "Mediterranean Basin" 2014-2020. The goal is to develop and support diversification activities in the artisanal fishing sector, giving it a new dimension. Indeed, Fish Med Net has identified 4 clusters: tourism, aquaculture, community services, and the food sector. The project, through Mediterranean commercial alliances, a commercial platform, targeted training, and the strengthening of public-private partnerships and strategies, supports small and medium-sized enterprises active in the sector of diversification, to increase their potential for diversification and integration and foster the development of new products and services.

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