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Aqua De Mâ, new water monitoring report from Lavagna and introduces antibiotic-free certification

The company breeds sea bass and sea bream off Lavagna and in the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia

18, Jul 2023

Aqua De Mâ, which since 2000 has been involved in the breeding of sea bass and sea bream off the coast of Lavagna and in the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia, presented the new monitoring report of the waters of Lavagna and introduces the antibiotic-free certification, which certifies the failure use of antibiotics in breeding.

The company's production choices have always been set up to guarantee the highest possible quality on the market: from the choice of the type of off-shore farming, to the site in which to raise the fish up to the constant monitoring of the quality of the surrounding waters carried out in collaboration with accredited local bodies, characteristics that allow to certify a product that stands out for its organoleptic and nutritional quality, food safety and sanitary hygiene. Aqua is the only Italian aquaculture company part of the European EcoeFISHent project which promotes a circular economy with zero climate impact.

Regional bodies such as the Liguria Region and ARPAL certify that the plant's activity is perfectly in line with the protection of marine habitats and with the safeguarding of the quality of the surrounding waters. Opinion confirmed by the monitoring of the water and seabed carried out with competent bodies every three months.

From the last monitoring of the water column carried out by the Ligurian Pesca Ambiente Observatory in April 2023, it emerges that the quality of the water is high from the surface to the bottom, resulting in an absence of stratification and excellent exchange conditions. This implies a good state of oxygenation of the water at all depths, with parameters perfectly in line with the position of the tanks in the open sea.

Aqua De Mâ's commitment to promoting sustainable and safe production continues with the activity carried out within the European project EcoeFISHent. Since November 2021 Aqua has been the only Italian company specialized in aquaculture part of the European circular economy project for the upcycling of fish waste and fishing material. The EcoeFISHent project aims to recover and reuse fish waste and fishing material to reduce food waste and safeguard marine ecosystems thanks to technological innovation.

Almost two years after the start of the project, Aqua De Mâ supplies the waste from the processing of the product on a monthly basis, which is processed in order to transform the waste into a resource for new uses. From the powders obtained, the extractor partners obtain bioactive ingredients and reusable jellies in the cosmetics, nutraceutical and bioplastics sectors.

The company supplies network parts from its decommissioned offshore tanks to partners in the plastics industry. Through the separation of the polymers, the nets are recycled and processed to give them new life. The main objective of the project is to develop a replicable, systemic and sustainable production system aimed at the territorial diffusion of a circular economy with zero climate impact. The project will have a total duration of five years and involves 34 partners from 7 countries - including 5 EU Member States (Italy, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria and France), a country associated with the Horizon 2020 program (Israel) and a non- EU (Kenya - with the aim of experimenting behaviors and technologies in a Blue Economy logic.

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