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Sushi boom on the New Year's dinner tables

Even during the holidays, Italian consumers, increasingly open to the search for new products and flavors, find in sushi a valid alternative to share with friends and relatives

02, Jan 2023

It is well known that sushi is now a particularly and transversally loved dish in Italy, considering the boom in restaurants opened in recent years and the proliferation of cuisines culturally similar to the Japanese one. But the real and most profound change today finds its roots in the constant growth of the ready-to-eat sushi offer by the large-scale retail trade which, thanks to players such as Eat Happy Group, an innovative multinational in the food sector and specialized in production of sushi, has allowed this highly appreciated dish to find space on the everyday table of millions of people, becoming a valid alternative to the traditional dishes eaten at home.

The success of Eat Happy Group is confirmed by the results that have allowed it to invoice over 24 million euros in 2021, maintaining a double-digit growth trend for the current year as well. But, that the Group's offer is responding to a profound change in the habits and customs of our country, is also demonstrated by the data relating to the two most awaited dinners of the year: that of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

In fact, on 23 and 24 December, the Eat Happy Group brands recorded an increase in sushi sales 40% higher than the average, a sign that traditional fish-based dishes are being joined by a new protagonist , able to satisfy and amaze both the palates of children, as well as those of the most demanding mothers-in-law and uncles who, for once, will hardly be able to claim to know a better recipe.

But an even higher growth was recorded on 31 December, for the New Year's Eve dinner, which is the moment in which Italians consume the most sushi ever: it is precisely on this day that the Group traditionally records a boom in + 60% of sales.

"If the holidays are by definition the moment in which tradition finds its maximum expression, we have recently been witnessing a real transformation of the table, with an openness to experimentation and innovation in which sushi gains a privileged place in these moments of socializing and sharing” comments Andrea Calistri, CEO & Managing Director Italy, France and Holland of Eat Happy Group. “Thanks to the simplicity with which it is consumed, in the form of plateaus and special Christmas-themed compositions, more and more Italians are choosing this product as an alternative appetizer to share with friends and relatives. We are very happy as Eat Happy Group to be able to offer all Italians who want it an alternative but healthy dish, made with safe, high quality and largely Italian raw materials".

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