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High bills, API (Confagricoltura): Italian fish at risk on tables

Serious crisis for the Italian aquaculture sector

09, Sep 2022

"Due to the drastic increase in production costs for fish farming products, the plans for the coming months have literally jumped, affecting the presence of aquaculture fish products, putting the very survival of many companies in the sector at risk. presence of 'made in Italy' fish until the next Christmas holidays ". This is the alarm raised by Pier Antonio Salvador, president of API, the Italian fish farmers' Association of Confagricoltura.

The situation, denounce the fish farmers of Confagricoltura, after more than 6 months of conflict, is aggravated by the strong water shortage caused by the prolongation of the drought period. These are the triggering causes of considerable and potentially irreversible repercussions on companies in the sector.

Feed increased by 35%, electricity from 200 to 300% (depending on the types of use), liquid oxygen marked at least + 250%. Important increases also in internal logistics (company vehicles and boats) and in exchanges with suppliers and customers due to the increases in agricultural fuel prices (which do not have all the fishing facilities), in the cost of fry, packaging, materials and spare parts necessary for the maintenance of plants and equipment.


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