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Casa & Putia enhances and reinvents the tradition of stockfish

The restaurant will be present as a special guest, together with the municipality of Messina and the Slow Food APS of the city of the Strait, at the Roma Baccalà event, where the recipe for stockfish in its walking version will be presented

21, Jun 2023

The Messina restaurant Casa e Putia, awarded with the coveted recognition of the Slow Food Snail, was chosen to represent Sicily at the Roma Baccalà event (22-23-24-25 June 2023) and bring the symbol of the cuisine of the Strait to the capital.

"Stocco fish is a symbol of our gastronomic identity - says Adriana Sirone, founding partner of the Casa e Putia project - a recipe which, due to its cultural dimension, also loaded with social and economic implications, has over time been filled with significant symbolic becoming a tool through which the community and the territory tell their stories and recognize themselves."U piscistoccu 'a gghiotta" is not just a recipe but a testimony of cultural resistance capable of countering an increasingly widespread gastronomic homologation in our country."

Stocco has always been present in the Casa e Putia menu in its traditional version, on the occasion of Rome Baccalà, the chefs of the Slow Food Alliance of Messina Adriana Sirone, Luigi Delia and Emanuele Gregorio have lightened the original recipe and created an unprecedented walking version to be eaten standing up, making "U piscistoccu 'a gghiotta" a soft condiment for a delicious sandwich, where the classic slices of bread have been replaced with a very soft "Brioscia cu tuppu" the delicious brioche that traditionally accompanies granita Sicilian.

"Both in the classic version and in its walking version, "U piscistoccu 'a gghiotta” remains an opportunity for discussion and exchange on the sustainability of local fishing and on aware, fair, clean and just ways of doing catering" - continues Andrea Mostaccio, founding member of the Casa e Putia project.

Casa e Putia, together with the Mayor of Messina Federico Basile, will participate in the opening day of the Roma Baccalà event with two appointments on Thursday 22 June, from 19:00 they will take part in a private tasting in the presence of the Ambassadors of Norway and Portugal, the Consul of Iceland, the President of the Lazio Region and the Mayor of Rome while from 10.30 pm the chefs of the Slow Food Messina Alliance will be the protagonists of the show cooking "Brillano di Notte", an appointment in the kitchen dedicated to the narration of some root recipes.

In addition, Friday 23 will be the turn of the talk "Messina la ghiotta" where Nino Mostaccio, president of APS Slow Food Messina and founding member of Casa e Putia, together with APS of Slow Food Messina will tell the story of stockfish and its declinations in the popular cuisine of Messina.

The undisputed protagonist of the new edition of Roma Baccalà will therefore be the Stocco fish in its two delicious traditional and contemporary versions.

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