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Christmas dinner, Italians don't give up traditions: +15% clam prices

BMTI elaborations on data from the wholesale markets of Rome, Milan, Salerno and Venice

22, Dec 2022

BMTI's processing of data from the wholesale markets of Rome, Milan, Salerno and Venice show a clear picture of the price trend of the last week of fish products typically consumed in the coming days.

On Italian tables there will be no shortage of clams, for which the analysis reports an increase of 15%, compared to the same period of 2021, driven by a high level of demand in the face of rather stable quantities caught.

Anchovies (or anchovies) are down slightly (-5.9% compared to 2021) thanks to the good availability of the product.

Very low prices for prawns (-38.9% compared to the same period of 2021) since, during this autumn, fishing for the product went particularly well. The high availability of the product therefore caused a substantial drop in the price, bringing it to around 16.00 euro/kg, with even lower prices in the previous weeks.

The opposite situation for salmon and eel for which the increase in energy costs of farms and fodder has caused a respective increase in prices of 16% and 26% compared to 2021. Furthermore, as regards the eel, the low availability of juveniles, the so-called blind eel, has a further impact on the price increase, which has reached over 15 euros/kg.

On the other hand, the wholesale price of squid originating mainly from the North Sea has remained stable in recent months, although a slight increase of +2% compared to 2021 was seen in the weeks close to Christmas.


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