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"Co-operation as a model for the sustainable development of territories, including disadvantaged ones".

The project of the Pontillo cooperative of Scilla (Rc) to develop fishing tourism and ichthyic tourism activities has been financed through the Pnrr's "Imprese Borghi" call for proposals

25, Jun 2024

Economic and social protection passes through cooperation. Demonstration of this is the project of the Calabrian Cooperative for the fishing industry "Giovanni Pontillo", of Scilla (Rc) whose project aimed at developing fishing tourism and fishing tourism activities was approved with the Borghi Enterprises tender of the Pnrr, a measure promoted by Ministry of Culture and managed by Invitalia. In particular, the Pontillo cooperative project is part of the "cultural, social and economic regeneration" plan financed by the Municipality of Scilla with the call for villages dedicated to small municipalities.
As underlined by Angelo Petruzzella, deputy vice-president of Legacoop Agroalimentare, it is «a small but emblematic example of how intersectoral collaboration and cooperation between cooperatives can stimulate and activate project actions. Initiatives that favor integrated development processes of the territories with the involvement of cultural goods and events, agricultural and food excellence. This in addition to interventions to enhance and use the environment, innovative social services and widespread quality hospitality".
For Petruzzella these are «integration processes that can become precise coordinates for the sustainable development of our territories, even the most disadvantaged ones. A challenge therefore that can only be won if supported by an adequate and coherent strategy of public and private institutions; however, a challenge that the cooperative system has demonstrated that it is ready to face".

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