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Delivery also for caviar

Caviar and Cosaporto partnership kicks off in VIP resorts

30, Jul 2023

Cosaporto, the Quality Delivery platform active in some Italian cities as well as in London, has reserved the showcase dedicated to Caviar Milan products for customers in Milan, Santa Margherita Ligure and Forte dei Marmi. The real Persian thus becomes a new proposal for Cosaporto's customers who will be able to select, purchase and request home delivery of four different types of the "pearl of the Caspian Sea".

“We are adding a further step to the commercial development of our brand - explains Mahsa Mehrnam, founder of Caviar Milan - and we are doing it with a partner who is synonymous with quality and excellence, in its proposal and in the service provided to customers. With Cosaporto we aim to consolidate the knowledge of Caviar Milan in the city where we were born and where we opened our first boutique, but also to extend it to strategic locations such as Santa Margherita Ligure and Forte dei Marmi, where the Milanese themselves can find our caviar and where , at the same time, tourists can indulge in a gourmet pampering”.

“With Caviar Milan – reiterates Stefano Manili, creator of Cosaporto – our catalog is enriched with a series of high quality products. This is how we respond to the request of our customers to have proposals of great excellence such as the types of caviar of Caviar Milano, among the best available on the market, which we have selected for our platform".

Caviar Milan presents four variants of caviar on Cosaporto: Royal Baerii, Royal Beluga, Imperial Beluga and Almas Beluga. The first comes from one of the smallest sturgeons, on the other hand the Royal Beluga, from the larger ones, while the Imperial Beluga, then comes from two purebred Huso specimens, and finally the Almas Beluga, the most valuable caviar on the market , extremely rare with a brilliant color, the same color as a diamond, due to the lack of melanin, a genetic prerogative of very few members of the Huso Huso species.

Bred in Iran, on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, the sturgeons selected by Caviar Milan swim in tanks where their natural habitat has been recreated. Thanks to the use of water and sand from the tributaries of the great salt lake, the fish can grow in an environment very similar to the original, without any artificial intervention. Freshness is guaranteed by natural preservation methods, i.e. putting the eggs in salt before packaging them. Finally, the product arrives in Italy by air, strictly respecting the cold chain.

Parma, PR, Italy, 28/07/2023 11:27
EFA News - European Food Agency

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