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President Zaia's statement on blue crab

'Massive damage, a challenge to be overcome. Good resources from MASAF for the operators'

04, Aug 2023

“The environmental suffering of the lagoon area is at the limits and from Veneto to Romagna the damages are enormous for the fishing and aquaculture category. As the Veneto Region we have allocated an initial fund of 80 thousand euros in the budget adjustment to provide the first answers to one of the most important working sectors in Polesine, but above all we have started a dialogue with the Ministry of Health from the beginning of this emergency. 'Agriculture and Food Sovereignty to give a wide range of answers to the sector. Specific indemnities from the Government will soon arrive: for this reason I thank in particular the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, for having accepted the alarm of the operators, who risk losing their entire crop due to the invasive presence of the Blue Crab, which is devastating the clam and mussel production areas in the fishing and shellfish farming area”.

This was stated by the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, regarding the possibility of a specific contribution, equal to 2.9 million euros in favor of consortia and aquaculture companies that provide for capture and disposal, contained in the draft decree law that the Council of Ministers could adopt on Monday, given the situation of necessity and urgency. With this decree, the Government intends to support the category, contain the phenomenon of the spread of the Blue Crab species (Callinectes sapidus) and prevent the damage inflicted on the economy of the fish sector from worsening. The draft of the decree law also provides for the identification of the geographical areas affected by the emergency, the beneficiaries and the procedures for submitting applications.

“Biological control is not enough to combat the presence of this crustacean. Our operators are exhausted and continue to record product losses affecting both the sowing areas and the mature product areas of clams and mussels - continues the Governor of Veneto -. In this match, institutions and economic categories immediately took action to request a 'state of emergency' and the possibility of indemnifying fishing operators".

Press release no. 1343-2023 (FISHING)

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