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Women in fishing, a network with the National Fisheries Observatory

Event organized by the Osservatorio Nazionale della Pesca Ente Bilaterale made up of Federpesca,  Fai-Cisl , Flai-Cgil and Uila Pesca

08, Nov 2023

“The idea of the project was born from the interest in creating a network of fishing women on a national scale that improves the ability to acquire the financial, technical and human resources that allow the achievement of precise strategic objectives”. With the words of the President of the National Fisheries Observatory, Francesca Biondo, the training project for women was presented today, with the first workshop: "A network of women - continued Biondo - who already work in the sector throughout Italy, a learning community to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences to increase self-determination and enhance the work of women assistants in fishing companies and the entire fishing supply chain".

The Honorable Rosanna Conte, MEP of the Fisheries Commission, took part in the workshop and wanted to demonstrate how "when we talk about fishing, we think of men and overlook how crucial the role and commitment of women is for the development of the this is why their contribution needs legal recognition".
Daniela Sorana, president of the Marche region of the Donne del Vino network, explained how their association was born "to combine female skills to obtain legal recognition in the wine sector. It is now made up of 1100 women producers, restaurateurs, wine bloggers, sommeliers who combine skills and paths for the purpose of educational construction of the sector".
For Adriana Celestini, responsible for gender policies for women in fishing, "the exchange of experiences, information, knowledge, habits, customs and knowledge is essential. All this makes it possible to create a female force for the fishing sector. A key to recognition in gender equality, without taking anything away from male figures, for the modernization of the sector".

The objective is to increase the socio-economic value of one's business, promote a culture of discussion and improve one's competitiveness in the market. Provide a path that helps them use the tools necessary to strengthen the business concept. Make known the possibility of accessing resources, services and legal protections by enhancing their commitment and contribution. Provide women with the necessary tools to best reconcile life and work times and consequently improve the quality of life of the entire family that lives from the fishing business. In essence, we want to create a new generation of female entrepreneurs in the world of fishing with representative skills and awareness of their activity on the market.

The project is organized by the National Fisheries Observatory, a bilateral body made up of Federpesca, Fai Cisl, Flai Cgil and Uila Pesca, which deals with training and professional qualification in the fishing sector for the achievement of professional qualifications, as well as health and safety in the workplace.

Environmental impact, traceability tools, transformation and conservation techniques, as well as organizational management are just some of the main concepts the project focuses on.

The program, financed with Feamp funds, develops themes and topics aimed at increasing a micro-entrepreneurial identity. A basis on which to create a community of fishing women on a national scale that supports the exchange of knowledge and experiences, optimizes working times, improves the quality of life and increases competitiveness in the fishing market.

The training will begin next year and will take place online. The contents will be presented by professionals and specialists in the sector and the lessons will remain available on a dedicated YouTube channel.

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