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Blue crab emergency, 2,700 of them at the Porto Tolle stadium to request a state of emergency

From Scardovari to Comacchio, the cry of alarm from fishermen and institutions: "the crab is destroying everything, 4,000 families without income. An extraordinary situation that requires extraordinary measures”

04, Dec 2023

Around 2,700 people - fishermen, institutions, citizens - participated, last November 30th at the Umberto Cavallari stadium in Porto Tolle, in the public meeting called by the Interregional Technical Committee on the blue crab emergency in the Po Delta area, made up of the consortia and by aquaculture cooperatives, by the Municipalities of Porto Tolle, Goro and Comacchio and by representative associations. An important event to raise our voice beyond territorial borders and clearly say that there is no more time: the uncontested proliferation of the blue crab is destroying everything, bringing the main production sector of this territory to its knees and devastating the ecosystem, with serious economic, social and environmental consequences.

Numerous institutions were present alongside the fishermen: in addition to the presidents of the provinces of Ferrara and Rovigo, the mayors of Goro, Comacchio, Porto Tolle, Mesola and Lagosanto. The mayor of Goro Marika Bugnoli, on behalf of all the mayors present, launched an appeal to the Government: "we need recognition of the state of emergency. Four thousand fishermen, with their families, are on their knees. For some months now, half of these fishermen have been without income and, soon, all of them will be. This is not just a problem for fishermen and individual municipalities, it is a problem for the entire territory, the regions and the government. It is not an ordinary situation, therefore ordinary measures are not sufficient: tailor-made tools are needed to deal with a situation of real calamity".

The voice of the fishermen was heard in the words of Luigino Marchesini, president of the Scardovari Consortium, and Massimo Genari, president of Con.Uno. “We have collected over 10,000 quintals of crabs on our own initiative and at our own expense – said Genari – and now, without an income, we are not in a position to continue harvesting it. What will become of us and our territory? Today's meeting is just the beginning, if necessary we will go to Rome to make our voice heard and ask the Government to recognize our state of emergency."

A perspective reinforced by Gianpaolo Buonfiglio, president of the Alliance of Italian Fisheries Cooperatives, who declared "the state of agitation is open until we have the necessary answers. All the representative associations are united, starting from the request for a permanent table between government, region, municipalities, consortia and associations, capable of recognizing the extraordinary nature of the situation and activating the necessary measures".

Present were the councilor with responsibility for fisheries of the Veneto Region Cristiano Corazzari and Marcella Zappaterra, delegated by the councilor of the Emilia-Romagna Region Alessio Mammi: "if the aquaculture sector of the Po Delta is a European excellence - stated Zappaterra - it is also due to the fact that the institutions have always believed and invested in it over the years. As a Region we are at your side and we are determined to remain present until concrete solutions arrive."

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