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Fedagri Pesca to the government: a pact to save Italian excellence

I pescatori chiedono al Masaf una "posizione fortemente critica" sulle ultime proposte Ue

20, Mar 2023

"A pact between the government and agri-food cooperation to safeguard the excellence of our made in Italy of which cooperatives represent a quarter of the value!". This was stated by Maurizio Gardini, president of Confcooperative, meeting Francesco Lollobrigida, minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, together with the president of Confcooperative FedagriPesca Carlo Piccinini.

The latter, in his speech, said that "until recently the main concern of cooperatives - said the president of Confcooperative FedagriPesca Carlo Piccinini in his speech - was to enhance the product of their members and compete on the market: today instead there has also been the problem of producing and marketing while coping with growing difficulties deriving from ideological Community political choices on food and fisheries to say the least.We risk no longer being able to fulfill our mission of promoting economic and social development, especially in marginal areas of the country".

Piccinini then appealed to Minister Lollobrigida so that his department "promotes a strongly critical position towards the latest regulatory proposals of the European Commission on the subject of reducing phytosanitary products and reducing plastic packaging, as well as those to penalize the wine and meat supply chains, without making a distinction between the moderate use and the abuse of products considered harmful to health".

The president of Confcooperative FedagriPesca also considered it "desirable that at least the resources within the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture, food sovereignty and forests go to reward those who can boast the Made in Italy brand, taking advantage of the traceability tools available today to ascribe the made in Italy to the only production processes in which the Italian origin of the production factors is guaranteed and certified, starting from the raw material up to the transformation".

Rome, RM, Italy, 16/03/2023 14:40
EFA News - European Food Agency

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