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Federpesca in San Vincenzo

Enhancing the value of blue fish

18, Apr 2023

Three days of events in San Vincenzo, Tuscany, to discover blue fish, including workshops, tastings, show cooking, and much more. From the arrival of the catch directly at the port to the extraordinary culinary tastings created with all the typicality of the territory. An initiative realised as part of the project "La rotta del pesce azzurro" (The blue fish route), financed by the FEAMP 2014-20220 Regione Toscana - FLAG "Costa degli Etruschi", and supported by Federpesca.

At the end of the event, on the morning of 16 April, the conference 'Il Pesce Azzurro, valore aggiunto per il settore territoriale' (The Blue Fish, added value for the territorial sector) was held, a meeting that aimed to bring together the actors of the territory and the institutions and to shed light on fish production in the Tuscan Archipelago and Tourism, related activities in a sustainable context.

Enhancement, seasonality, quality, and freshness of fish products were the main priorities discussed during the meeting by the various speakers. Objectives also shared by Senator Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forestry, who reconfirmed the Government's commitment to work for a sustainable future of the national seafood sector, at an economic, social, and environmental level.

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