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Federpesca at Luiss for the conference ‘Internationalisation: challenges and opportunities in global finance’

Info from Federazione Nazionale delle Imprese di Pesca

24, May 2024

“We strongly believe in strengthening cooperation with African countries which we are convinced can also bring growth opportunities for national fishing companies and strengthen the Italian entrepreneurial system. It is in fact strategic to work so that African countries, rich in fish resources, can increasingly adapt to the high standards of quality, food safety and social rights guaranteed by our national fleet; at the same time it is essential to work on training to strengthen the qualification of staff also in order to guarantee generational turnover and qualified manpower for our companies" - declared the Director of Federpesca, Francesca Biondo, during the event "Internationalisation: challenges and opportunities in global finances”. Organized by Luiss Business in the wonderful context of Villa Blanc in Rome, the meeting was held in collaboration with Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Federpesca, Proger, SACE and SIMEST. An opportunity for analysis and debate with corporate and institutional experts, who explored how the transformation of global dynamics and ESG practices are guiding international investments that aim to promote growth, innovation and sustainability.

The panel was attended by Ambassador Giuseppe Mistretta, Director of Sub-Saharan Africa MAECI, Patrizia Mauro, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Maria Monica Annibaldis, Confindustria and Prof Emiliano Finocchi, Luiss Business School. Among the many topics addressed, a focus was dedicated to the Mattei Plan to discuss the growing centrality that the African continent is assuming in this scenario, and what contributions the national fishing sector can also provide for its implementation. Dr. Biondo recounted the projects on which Federpesca is engaged in collaboration with international organizations and African countries, thanking Luiss for its strategic support and concluded: “The Mattei Plan represents a driving force for building relationships with African countries, primarily the Countries bordering the Mediterranean, for common management of shared fish resources that avoids unfair competition and strengthens the fishing sector. In this sense, fishing can represent a real cooperation tool for working together towards common objectives, aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of Italian companies and the development of the fishing sector in Africa."


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