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Federpesca audit in the Senate signals crisis in the sector

Need to extend the tax credit to the second quarter of 2023

17, Jan 2023

Yesterday, 16 January 2023, the Director of Federpesca, Francesca Biondo, took part in the informal hearing before the Bureau of the 1st and 5th Joint Commissions (Constitutional Affairs and Budget) of the Senate, in relation to the draft law A thousand extensions , which intervenes with a series of extensions of the legislative deadlines, in relation to various areas, relating to businesses and households.

Federpesca was the only association in the fishing sector to be audited and signaled the need to extend the contribution in the form of a tax credit for the months following the first quarter of 2023 as well as the need to increase the percentage from 20 to 40% , as a result of the persistence of the situation caused by the energy and fuel price crisis on Italian fisheries, which has not been overcome but rather has caused a significant loss of profits and is having devastating effects for businesses even in these early days of the year 2023.

It is obvious that going ahead with these indicators, in the absence of adequate compensation interventions, the economic and financial situation of the companies would be seriously compromised, with disinvestments, bankruptcies and reductions in personnel in the fishing sector which remains a strategic sector for our country and on which it is more than appropriate to find short and long-term measures aimed at tackling the threat of expensive energy.
Federpesca has in fact requested to intervene with a modification aimed at extending the contribution provided for by article 1, paragraphs 45 to 50, of the 2023 Budget Law also for expenses incurred in the second calendar quarter of the year 2023.

"After the success of the rule included in the Budget Law, it was essential to re-engage immediately to ensure that this measure can also be extended for the following months of 2023, which unfortunately promises to be a very difficult year." - declared the Director Biondo "Already in these days many companies have suspended their activity again, for this reason it was our duty to be here today and ask to renew the attention for such an important sector" - thus concluded the Director Biondo at the end of the hearing.

"We have found great attention and availability on the part of the joint Commissions." - commented Director Biondo following the hearing. imported, favoring the valorisation of Italian companies and guaranteeing that the sector can operate in such conditions as to satisfy the internal demand for the products.We therefore hope that the proposed modification formulated can be shared and can find acceptance during the exam over the next few days. "

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