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Federpesca, from the EU Parliament finally positive signals for fishing

"After months of measures to criminalise the fisheries sector and misinformation, finally a positive signal for European fisheries"

23, Jan 2024

“On Friday 19 January the European Parliament in plenary voted on a resolution regarding the "EU Action Plan: Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems for sustainable and resilient fisheries", which has become famous in recent months for the objective of wanting to eliminate trawling from European seas. During the discussion, a series of very important opinions were expressed and some amendments that went in the direction of criminalizing the sector and especially bottom fishing were rejected. After months of measures aimed at criminalizing the fishing sector and misinformation, finally a positive signal for European fishing!” – declared the Director of Federpesca, Francesca Biondo.

“We thank the European parliamentarians, in particular the members of the Fisheries Commission who prepared and voted on the report. We appreciate the intention to highlight to the European Commission how the Action Plan lacks a coherent and transparent approach, an assessment of the socio-economic impact and a real involvement of fishermen and stakeholders. It is also important to have reiterated that the Action Plan will not be legally binding for the Member States and that it will be necessary to prevent European fleets from incurring other costs after years of sacrifices." – continues Dr. Biondo.

“It is instead necessary to recognize how the sector has worked hard over the years towards the protection of biodiversity and the recovery of fish stocks, following very stringent regulations and standards. It would then be desirable, as the report specifies, to also involve fleets from third countries more in the objective of protecting the seas, so that the commitment by our fleets to the sustainable management of resources is carried out equally and not based on a unfair competition." – concludes Director Biondo.


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